Who are we, what do we do?

A visit to Breakout Rotterdam is a unique and unforgettable experience. We have four rooms, each with its own theme. Let us lock you into one of our rooms and attempt to escape in 60 nerve wracking minutes. Then unwind with a snack and a drink in De Machinist.

The concept "Escape Room" originated in Hungary but the experience game is to be played in the Netherlands for some time. With a team between 2 and 6 you get trapped in a mysterious room.

You get an hour to Escape by carrying out the puzzles and tasks. That's a short description of an Escape room.

A special aspect of an escape room is that it gives you insight into what makes your friends and colleagues tick. Who is the natural leader, who is dominant, who takes care of the team spirit. You'll see it all.
It is important to work as a team otherwise it is impossible to escape the room in an hour. This is an added value of the Escape Room compared to other games in the Netherlands.

The team

team Breakout Rotterdam
Team Breakout Rotterdam
Erik Breakout Rotterdam
Jeroen Breakout Rotterdam